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ECVP 39th edition is over. Thanks to all the delegates for your contribution.  

The ECVP booklet (printed copy provided at the registration) is available here 

A Second version of the abstracts book is available here 

The ECVP 2016 mobile App is available. Visit this page for instructions

The program is available here 

Satellite Events:

Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) 26-27th of August 2016. VSAC will take place in COSMOCAIXA (Science Museum). Follow this link for more information.

The Art & Perception Exhibition with works of arts that challenge our perceptual and aesthetics ideas. This exhibition will take place on the 27th of August in the COSMOCAIXA venue and will continue throughout the conference.


The ECVP logo has been designed altruistically by Chieko Shimotsu and the pictures in this page taken by Matthias Keil, member of the organizing commitee.

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