Admission and access

To start a doctoral programme two procedures are required: admission and access. They are done with an electronic application.


Admission to a doctoral programme is done by the Academic Commission of each doctoral programme. You must contact the coordinator of the doctoral programme you are interested in (link to the offer) so that they inform you about the specific admission requirements and your chances to be admitted. Admission to the programme is formalized by the enrolment at the UB during the academic year and period in which the candidate has been admitted. Some programmes have a pre-enrolment. Check the programme’s web to check the dates.

For the admissión, please insert in the application the requested documentation, which may vary from one programme to another. You will generally have to provide your CV, a proof for your language levels, a motivation letter containing a brief draft of your thesis, letters of recommendation and a proposal for a supervisor or a research group. Consult the specifics of the requested documentation for each programme.

The academic admission to the programme involves a selection of students based on the number of available places. In each programme’s offer they can inform you about the admission rate.


The access implies that the academic requirements that give access to the doctorate are accredited.

The doctoral students who, since 2012‐2013, started and enrolled for a doctoral programme of the UB that is being closed down, and want to study an active doctoral programme, do not have to apply for access. What you must apply for is the admission to the doctoral programme you are interested in, taking into account the specific admission requirements and the criteria for prioritising applications to the programme.

To gain access to a doctoral programme of the UB you must have an official bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and a master’s degree, and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits (not recognised) in the first degree and the master’s degree counted together. However, there are different access ways according to whether previous studies have been done in Spain or in another country. 

To gain access to a doctoral programme of the UB you must have an official bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and an official master’s degree. This implies to have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits (not recognised) in the degree and the master’s counted together. In the case of 120-credit master's degrees, just 60 credits are required.

If you have completed all of your previous studies in Spain, you must request access. The authorisation for access is resolved by the Faculty’s Dean where the coordinator of the programme belongs.

Other ways of access

​1. With a Spanish official university degree (Llicenciatura) that has obtained the correspondence of level 3 of MECES. 

a. The Spanish qualifications that have not obtained level 2 or 3 of MECES, should consult the following equivalence:

1. For an LRU credit, an equivalence of 0.8 ECTS credits is established.
2. In the case of the titles obtained by passing a curricula to which the valuation of LRU credits were not applicable, an equivalence of 10 teaching hours equal to 1 LRU credit is established.

2. With the Spanish bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry or Architecture.

3. With Investigating Sufficiency.

4. With a Specialist Degree in Health Sciences.   

a. With the official Specialist Degree.
b. Having passed with a positive evaluation at least two years of training of the program to obtain the official Specialist degree.

5. With official doctoral studies prior to RD 99/2011 governed by Royal Decrees RD 185/1985, RD 778/1998 and RD 1393/2007.

You can consult the diagram where you will be given all the information regarding the degrees that give access and the procedure to follow.

You can consult the dates in which you can apply for access and enrolment in the​ administrative calendar.

Procedures and necessary documentation​

The application for admission and access must be submitted through the application for admission and access. It is in this application where you will have to incorporate the necessary academic documentation for admission and access to the program.


If you have completed part or all of the previous studies at foreign universities, you must request access through the standardised form.

The applications for access have to be presented at the faculty, but they are resolved at the Doctoral School within approximately two months from the time the applications arrive at the school and if it is not necessary to reclaim or to correct the documentation presented. Incidents in the documentation delay the resolution of the requests and  therefore of the matriculation. We recommend that you check the documentation that you have to submit and the requirements that academic documents, that were issued abroad, have to fulfil.

You can consult the diagram where you can find all the information regarding the degree levels that permit access and the procedure to follow.

You can consult the dates in which you can apply for access and enrol in the administrative calendar..

Requirements for access

  1. To have a foreign degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and to a master’s degree, without having to homologate it, with the prior checking of the university that this degree certifies a level of training equivalent to that of the official Spanish master’s degree and that it permits access to the doctoral studies in the country that issued the degree. This admission does not imply the homologation of the previous degree that the student has, nor its recognition for other purposes that are not the access to the doctoral studies.
  2. To have a Spanish bachelor’s degree and a foreign degree: although you have a Spanish master’s degree (and therefore the foreign documentation has already been checked), you must present the documentation of the foreign qualification. Likewise, if you have a Spanish bachelor’s degree and a foreign master’s degree.

Procedures and necessary documentation

In the access and admission form you will find the required documentation.

All documents must be officially translated (if they are in a different language than Catalan, Spanish, English) and legalised. For information on the requirements of foreign documents, see here. The revision of the documentation and the certificate of access implies the payment of a fee.


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