International mention

The doctoral international mention can be included on the front part of the doctorate degree certificate provided that:

  1. The doctoral student has done a minimum stay of three months abroad (not in Spain) in a higher education institution or in a prestigious research centre in which he/she has developed certain training activities or research activities related to his/her research plan. The stay and the activities have to be previously authorised by the Academic Commission of the programme and have to be proved with the corresponding certificate issued by the person in charge of the research group of the institution where they were done. This information has to be included in the doctoral activities document.
  2. A part of the doctoral thesis, at least the abstract and the conclusions, has to be written and defended in one of the common languages for scientific communication in the field of knowledge, different from any of the official languages of Spain. This rule is not applicable when the stays, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking or Catalan-speaking country. The president of the thesis committee has to issue a certificate confirming that this requirement was followed.
  3. A minimum of two doctors who belong to a higher education institution or a non-Spanish research institute have reported about the thesis. In order to prove that this requirement was followed, two positive reports of the thesis from two experts have to be submitted prior to the thesis defence.
  4. At least an expert from a higher education institution or a non-Spanish research centre with the doctorate degree, and being a different person from the responsible person for the stay aforementioned (section a), has to be part of the thesis committee. In order to fulfil this requirement, none of the responsible persons who have certified the research stays or the activities can be part of the thesis committee, in accordance with what is specified in section a. This requirement is certified by submitting a copy of the doctorate degree report (minutes), in which the members of the thesis committee are listed.
  5. The thesis defence has to take place at the University of Barcelona or, in case of coordinated doctoral programmes, in any of the participating universities or in the terms of the collaboration agreements.
  6. Prior to the application to get the degree, and within a maximum period of three months from the day after the thesis defence, the doctoral student can request the international mention of the doctorate degree by submitting to the Academic Commission of the doctoral programme the documentation certifying the requirements established in section 1 of this article. This commission will make a decision about it.

The award of the "International Mention" is given by the academic Commissions of the doctoral programmes. It has to be attached to the request of the doctorate degree so that it can be specified in the certificate. In order to request it you have to attach the following documents:

  • Application signed and stamped by the coordinator of the doctoral programme
  • Certificate of the stay (Catalan, Spanish or English)
  • Certificate of the stay signed and stamped by the supervisors
  • Two reports that you can submit until the date of the thesis defence.


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