Issuance of the doctorate degree

You have finished the thesis and you are already a Doctor! You only need to request the title. We explain to you how to do it.

The doctorate degree certificate is official and valid throughout the national territory; it has full academic effects and gives qualification for teaching and researching, in accordance with the legal provisions.

Extraordinary doctorate award

Extraordinary Awards are awarded every year according to the Regulations regarding the extraordinary doctorate awards of the University of Barcelona. These awards are suggested by the doctoral Commission of each Faculty and approved by the Governing Board of the University of Barcelona. The delivery of the certifications to the people who obtain the award is done during an official ceremony. Doctors who obtain an extraordinary award can request a copy of the title that contains the extraordinary award.

Certificate request

When formalising the request and after having defended the thesis, you will have to submit the following documentation to the Secretary's office of the Faculty:

  • 2 photocopies of the ID / passport / NIE + passport or community identity document + passport. The document has to be valid. An expired document will not be accepted. If it is expired, you have to renew it and bring two copies of the corresponding receipt.
  • The original document and a photocopy of the documentation certifying the right to have a price reduction (large family, special needs groups).
  • Large family (you have to bring the family title, the individual card will not be valid for the request of exemption)
  • Special needs groups

Prices and ways of payment

The payment can be done in two different ways:

  • Payment in cash: the Secretary’s office of the Faculty will give you the receipt to pay the fees of issuing the certificate in one of the collaborating banks.
  • Credit card: you can pay the issuance rights directly at the SED (Secretary's office).

The receipt of the issuance fees that the SED will give you works as the official certificate request and it is very important that before signing it you check the data related to your name, surnames, as well as the option of including a conjunction between the surnames, since this will be written in your certificate as it appears in that document.

Receipt of the certificate       

Once the payment of the issuance rights of the certificate is done, the Secretary's office will give you a receipt of payment. This document will be used to prove with all the effects that you have passed the degree and that you have the certificate in process of being issued. Its legal validity is equivalent to the one that will have the final official certificate.

The receipt of the doctorate degree certificate will be in Catalan and Spanish. The translation into English can also be requested when you request the certificate. This translation will be free of charge.

To pick up the certificate

The Secretary's office of the Faculty will send you a letter at the address that appears in your files, so it is advisable that you keep your data updated in the databases.

The certificate has to be personally picked up with a personal identification official document (ID / passport / NIE). It will be possible to authorise another person to do it with a power of attorney.

In case your residence is outside the province of Barcelona, the Secretariat may send the certificate to the Provincial Directorate of Education or to the closest Consular Office.  Please contact with the Secretary of your Faculty.

Language of the issuance of the certificate

In accordance with the regulations of linguistic uses of the University of Barcelona, the doctorate certificate is issued in Catalan and Spanish (bilingual).

You can find information about the possibility of having a free translation at the Secretariat of the Faculty, which will send your request to the Language Services of the UB.

Copy of the certificate

A copy of the certificate may be requested in the following situations:

  • Change of name, surname or other personal data
  • In case of adding the extraordinary award or other before considered academic data
  • Change of nationality
  • Loss of the original document
  • Deterioration


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