Supervision and monitoring

Once you are enrolled, you will start an exciting adventure of carrying out a research and writing a thesis. There are some activities and documents that you have to do and fill: doing training activities, writing a research plan and an annually report. We tell you how to do it.

Training activities: the activities document

While you write the doctoral thesis, you have to do some training activities that are interesting for your academic development. Each doctoral programme has established some training activities, some for the first-year doctoral students and others for all the doctoral students of the programme. These training activities are mandatory and optional.

You have to agree with the coordination of the doctoral programme the training activities that you will do during the period of preparation of the thesis, in accordance with the offered calendar and once you have done the enrolment. The kind and number of activities can be modified later but they must be approved by the supervisor of the thesis and the academic tutor, as well as by the Coordination of the doctoral programme, and they have to be registered in your activities document.

You need to make sure that you justify all the scheduled activities in the activities document. This document is essential in order to continue the doctorate every year and to present the thesis.

The research plan

In the academic year in which you have formalised the admission to the doctoral programme (first year) you have to prepare and present a research plan written in any of the languages of the programme. This research plan has to include at least:

  1. The provisional title of the thesis
  2. The goals that you want to achieve
  3. The methodology that will be used, the means and the timeline.

The Academic Commission of the programme sets the calendar, the contents and the specific requirements that have to be included in the research plan, as well as the documentation and procedures related to the submission. This information will be available on the programme's website.

You have to request the acceptance of the research plan in accordance with the standard form to the Academic Commission of the programme in which you are enrolled. You can check the procedure in the guide.

Monitoring and annual evaluation of the research plan​

From the following year after the acceptance of the research plan on, the Academic Commission will evaluate your progress regarding the research plan and the activities document every year.

Therefore you have to submit a monitoring report every year. That report must be submitted together with this application, which must be officially registered.

The Academic Commission of the programme sets the calendar, the specific documents that must be submitted for the annual evaluation. This information will be available on the programme's website.

You can check the procedure in the guide.

Legislation and regulation applicable to the procedure


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