Procedure for the equivalence of a foreign doctor’s degree

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The equivalence of foreign degrees of higher education to the academic level of Doctor of the University of Barcelona means the official recognition of the studies passed to obtain a foreign degree, as equivalent to the studies required to obtain a doctor’s degree from the University of Barcelona.

The granting of equivalence is certified by the corresponding certificate of equivalence issued by the rector of the UB, which shows the foreign degree possessed by the interested student and his university of origin.


  • Application form
  • Original and photocopy of the DNI, ID or passport.
  • Original and photocopy of the doctoral degree duly legalised, and accompanied by its official translation into Spanish or Catalan.
  • Original and photocopy of the academic certification of the doctoral studies done, duly legalised and accompanied by its official translation into Spanish or Catalan.
  • A copy of the doctoral thesis.
  • Explanatory report of the doctoral thesis written in Catalan or Spanish.
  • Curriculum Vitae in Catalan or Spanish (standardised model).
  • Proof of the payment of the  study equivalence fee

IMPORTANT: consult the application form for more detailed information.


The Generalitat de Catalunya sets the prices for the provison of academic services at the public Catalan universities every academic year.

There are two fees associated to the process of obtaining the equivalence of foreign degrees:

  1. Study equivalence to the academic level of Doctor: 218.15 €​
  2. Issuance of the credencial of the declaration of equivalence to the academic level of Doctor: 218.15 €


  • Once you have all the documentation, you need to contact us in order to request an appointment. The schedule for the submission of the application is from 9 to 12, from Monday to Friday.
  • At the Doctoral School we compare the original documents with the photocopies in order to do the necessary validations. Once this is done, the original documents will be returned to you.
  • Next we issue the receipt in order to do the payment of the study equivalence fee that you can pay with a credit card or through one of the collaborating banks.
  • In order to begin the procedure you have to submit the application for equivalence with all the documentation to the general registration office of the UB. The registration office gives a date and a number to your application, of which you can receive a copy. The deadlines established in the regulations of the UB for the procedure for the declaration of equivalence start to count from the date of the entry of the application on.

IMPORTANT: The closest general registration office is located in the central university building (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585).


1. Review of the documentation

The Doctoral School conducts the review of all the documentation provided. In case it is detected that the documentation does not meet the requirements and/or the lack of any of the documents required is detected, a letter will be sent to you in which the missing documentation is specified so that you can submit it within 10 days from the day after the date you receive this notification. In the event that you do not submit the documents within the established period, the UB will understand that you do not want to continue with your request, so it will give a resolution of withdrawal with which the procedure is finished.

In case of doubt about the authenticity, validity or content of the documents provided, the Doctoral School can carry out the necessary procedures for their verification, as well as address the competent authority, that issued them, to solve the doubts that may arise.

Once the complete file (application and all the corresponding documentation) is available, it can be presented to the Equivalence Commission.

2. Analysis of the applications submitted

The Equivalence Commission analyses and reports on the applications that meet the established requirements and are accompanied by all the mandatory documents. Likewise this Commission may require the applicants to provide other documents that it deems necessary.

The Equivalence Commission is organised into two Technical Committees: the Committee of Humanities, Jurisprudence and Social Sciences and the Committee of Experimental and Health Sciences:

  1. The Technical Committee of Experimental Sciences and Health Sciences examines the applications that are directly related to the fields of knowledge taught in the following centres: Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, Geology, Nursing, Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Chemistry.
  2. The Technical Committee of Humanities, Jurisprudence and Social Sciences analyses the applications that are directly related to the fields of knowledge taught in the following centres: Fine Arts, Librarianship and Documentation, Economics and Business, Law, Philology, Philosophy, Teacher Training, Geography and History, INEFC and Pedagogy.
  3. These Committees meet 2 or 3 times a year, depending on the number of applications submitted.

3. Report of the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School

In the light of the reports issued by the Technical Committees of equivalence, the chair of the Steering Committee of the Doctorate School issues a report – positive or not positive - on the submitted request for equivalence. This report is sent to the rector to make a resolution on the equivalence.

4. Resolution of the rector of the UB

The rector takes a well-founded decision granting or denying the requested equivalence. The deadline for resolving and notifying the resolution is 6 months after the application has been entered in the Registration Office of the University of Barcelona.

If no resolution is notified within the indicated period, this means that the request has been denied.

Issuance of the equivalence credential:

In the event that the resolution of equivalence is positive, you must pay the fee for the corresponding credentials to be issued. In our offices, we issue a receipt for payment that you can pay via credit card or through one of the collaborating banks.

Once the equivalence credentials are issued, we will notify you so that you can pick it up in our offices.

The credential must be collected personally or another person must be authorised through a power of attorney; in both cases it is necessary to present the DNI, passport or ID (EU).


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