Which effects does the non-payment of the enrolment have?

The total payment of the registration fee is a compulsory requirement for it in order to be valid. If it is paid in installments, the payment obligation will be considered finished when all payments have been made.

The non-payment of the enrolment or any of its payment fractions within the terms established by the University will result in the automatic temporary suspension of the rights of the student without the need of previous request of the University of Barcelona. The maximum length of time of the temporary suspension goes until the end of the academic year.

The temporary suspension of the rights of the student will be over when the student pays to the University, in cash and at once, the total amount of the pending registration payment. You can check the possible surcharges and the effects of the non-payment of the registration by clicking here www.ub.edu/acad/noracad/matricula/welcome.html



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