Presentation Industrial Doctorate

The industrial doctorate is a different way of doing the doctorate. It consists of a doctoral thesis done in a company, through a collaboration agreement between the UB and the company. The Industrial Doctorate Plan is a strategy of the Government of Catalonia in collaboration with public and private universities with the aim to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalisation of the Catalan industrial net, to retain talent and to give doctoral students the possibility to develop projects of R+D+I in a company. The programme of the industrial doctorate promotes the development of strategic research projects within a company. 

The parties involved in the plan are:

  • The company
  • The university
  • The doctoral student
  • The Government of Catalonia

The essential element of the Industrial Doctorate Plan is the industrial doctoral project, that is a strategic research project in a company, where the doctoral student will develop their research training, in collaboration with a university, and which will be the object of a doctoral thesis.


The Government of Catalonia plans to provide financial support to these projects through two modalities, given some characteristics in the execution of the project:

  • Industrial doctorate projects co-financed by the Government of Catalonia
  • Industrial doctorate projects with specific support.

Every year the Government establishes a maximum number of projects that it will subsidise through each modality.

Common characteristics of both modalities

  • The doctoral thesis will be developed in the framework of a collaboration agreement between a university and a company.
  • The doctoral student will have a thesis supervisor of the university and a person in charge designated by the company.
  • The candidate needs a minimum average mark in his/her transcript of records of a Bachelor’s degree, engineering degree, architecture, graduate course or associate’s degree equal or higher than 1,60.
  • The supervisor of the thesis must be part of a research group recognised (SGR) by the Government of Catalonia.
  • The time of dedication of the doctoral student to the research project will be distributed between the company and the university.
  • The doctoral student will participate in training programmes for specific competences related to the coordination and management of projects, business plans and industrial and intellectual property, among other relevant subjects.
  • The doctoral student will have an annual allocation (mobility scholarship) financed by the Government of Catalonia, which can be accumulated for a maximum period of 3 years. The purpose is to attend seminars and congresses related to the research project, as well as stays in other company headquarters, in other universities or research centers outside of Catalonia.

All theses done in the framework of the Industrial Doctorate Plan will receive the Mention of Industrial Doctorate. Participating companies and academic supervisors will also receive recognition for their participation in the Plan.

Advantages for companies

  • Establish a solid foundation for improving their long-term competitiveness, with highly qualified personnel, international impact and experience, necessary in a global and interconnected world.
  • Access to the latest science and technology equipment.
  • Possibility to collaborate with the academic staff of the universities that can contribute experience and knowledge in a specific area.
  • Apply tax deductions on corporate tax and bonuses on social security contributions.
  •  Collaborate with scientists that may be strategic allies of the future.

Advantages for doctoral students

  • Work contract with a company with a duration of three years and an annual gross salary of at least € 22,000 per year (for "a" type projects, co-financed by the Government of Catalonia).
  • Doctorate enrolment subsidised by the Government of Catalonia
  • Participate in an R+D+I project that adds high value to your curriculum, hired by a company committed to innovation and research.
  • Be tutored by responsibles of the company and the university both, who steer and steadily evaluate your progress.
  • Work in university facilities and the facilities of the companies involved.
  • Possibility of an international stay and of attending conferences that provide you the relationships and contacts necessary to develop professionally in that field.

What’s new in the 2017 call

  • If the doctoral student is already hired by the company, it will only receive the funding provided under the heading of “company-supervision” if this person has been working in the company for less than 12 months. Otherwise the company will not receive it, but the research group of the university and also the doctoral student for the enrolment and the mobility scholarship.
  • The same supervisor of a thesis cannot accumulate grants for an amount greater than € 14,400 per year in the framework of the Industrial Doctorate Plan.

For more information contact the Doctoral School or consult the website of the Government of Catalonia.


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