Nr, 2 February 2000

Welcome to On the Waterfront

The issue you are watching at on your screen is a first intent of developing an on-line publication on the topic of waterfronts.

In the last years, especially from final of the seventies, a great quantity of cities has put in march initiatives to revalue the front of water (river, lake, sea, port) and to develop new urban plans in those that the architecture, the public space and the public art suppose good part of the carried out investments.

The publishers, we think that it can be a good idea to launch a publication that serves as support to the research, analysis and criticism on what assumes the development of the waterfronts.

Boundary area of the urban fabric, the waterfront, for its development, requires of the intervention of the public authorities, of the private initiative, of the planners, of the architects, of the artists... and a long list of characters whom, through the revitalisation of these areas, are configuring a new city model. A new model for each city, each city framed in a more general model of uses and functions of the space of the waterfront.