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***Nova noticia***

“Historia de vida temprana e inversión reproductiva de invertebrados bentónicos: integración al manejo y conservación a través de modelos de dispersión” 

Dia: Divendres, 25 de gener de 2019
Hora: 15:00 h
Lloc: Aula de Graus – Aulari, Facultat de Biología 


***Nova noticia*** 03/09/2018

Convocatòria beques pedro i pons 2018

***Nova noticia*** 07/05/2018

Oferta PhD

***Nova noticia*** 17/01/2018

Oferiment per a poder demanar beca FI 

***Nova noticia*** 10/04/2018

PhD opportunity: Climatic refuges to investigate the resilience of corals to environmental change 

Curs sobre la preparació de mostres geològiques i paleontològiques 

PhD opportunity at Sorbonne Université- Submarine landslide processes in Alboran Sea

Ofertes de feina

***Nova noticia*** 04/04/2018

1. Biomarató - Ciutats amb vida 

2. A 3-year PhD scholarship is offered to conduct research on carbon sequestration in coastal vegetated ecosystems.

Vegetated coastal ecosystems, including seagrass meadows, mangroves and tidal marshes, are collectively termed “blue carbon” ecosystems and rank among the world’s most intense carbon sinks storing globally-relevant carbon stocks in their soils. Despite the important ecosystems services they provide, Blue Carbon ecosystems are experiencing a worldwide decline (1.4% yr-1), raising concern over the potential for these soil C and N stocks to be re-emitted to the atmosphere as CO2 or organic N, fuelling climate change and eutrophication in coastal areas. The situation is more extreme when looking at seagrasses in isolation. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, seagrass meadows worldwide have declined at a rate of 1.5% yr-1 that has accelerated since 1990, mostly affected by direct and indirect human impacts. Notwithstanding the large variability in soil C stocks among seagrass meadows, global estimates of C storage in the top meter of seagrass soils range from 4.2 to 8.4 Pg C. While these global estimates have captured all the available information, research on sequestration rates of organic carbon, at various time scales, in seagrass ecosystems is scarce in the Tropical Indo-Pacific region, and basically non-existing in the African countries. This project aims toinvestigate the organic carbon and nitrogen sequestration capacity of seagrass meadows in Zanzibar, exploring the differences in habitat characteristics. The PhD project will be conducted with the frame of an existing collaboration between Prof Pere Masqué, Prof Paul Lavery and Dr. Òscar Serrano (Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia) and Prof Mats Björk (Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden).


If interested please contact Pere Masque at p.masque@ecu.edu.au 

***Nova noticia*** 19/03/2018

Red Sea Summer Program a la King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST: https://www.kaust.edu.sa/en)

***Nova noticia*** 20/02/2018

15 posicions de PhD Inspire4Nature

***Nova noticia*** 08/02/2018

IOCCG  Summer Lecture Series 2018

PhD position available at Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

***Nova noticia*** 19/01/2018

1. XI Programa de Beques BritishSpanish SocietySol·licitud

2. VI International Symposium of Marine Sciences

***Nova noticia*** 21/12/2017

Oferta de Beca! 

***Nova noticia*** 04/12/2017

Cicles de xerrades al ICM !

***Nova noticia*** 29/11/2017

Research contract 

***Nova noticia*** 28/11/2017 

Two PhD Projects in Molecular Microbial Ecology, University of New South Wales (Australia)

Two PhD projects are available at the Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation (CMB) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia. The CMB undertakes leading research into how microorganisms support the function and health of higher marine organisms, such as sponges. The first project is entitled 'Determine the environmental factors that control ELP expression and how this influences the symbiosis', while the second is called 'Use ELPs as a tool to create artificial symbioses between bacterial and eukaryotic cells'.

Application deadline: TBA

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PhD position in Fisheries Ecology, Artic University of Norway (Norway)


The Arctic University of Norway is currently advertising for a PhD position in Fisheries Ecology. The role is for a four year term, and will involve working in a project, the goals of which include to derive ecological, environmental and socio-economic rules with regard to the suitability of the exploitation of different size-spectra in various ecosystems and fisheries. A MSc degree or equivalent in ecological dynamics, resource economics or fishery management and good knowledge of quantitative methodology are required. Research experience or relevant work experience after dissertation, particularly in an inter-disciplinary environment, is an asset. The applicant needs to demonstrate previous experience of quantitative methodology.

Application deadline: 4 Dec 2017

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***NOVA NOTICIA*** 30/10/2017

Programa Latituds C33 "Desglaç al segle XXI" 

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 14/09/2017

1) Beca de colaboració departaments

2) Convocatoria d'ajuts pel Curs Biodiversitat 2017 (UIU) per estudiants de màster, doctorands o postdoctorats

Programa Curs Biodiversitat 2017

Formulari instancia

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 07/09/2017

Nou concurs: Es busquen estudiants universitaris amb idees innovadores per a reduir les escombraries marines.

Més informació: Think Beyond Plastic Anne Warner, awarner@thinkbeyondplastics.com

***NOVA NOTICIA***17/07/2017

PhD in Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
The PhD will cover several topics, primarily covering climate change-related issues,  application of state-of-the-art measurement methods and the theoretical interpretation of the experimental findings. Candidates are invited to send their applications by email, including a statement of research activities, a cover letter, a CV and a Transcript of Grades. Proficiency in English and good writing skills are a prerequisite.
Application deadline: 30 August 2017
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***NOVA NOTICIA***29/06/2017

Oferta de beca !!! 

***NOVA NOTICIA***27/06/2017

Oferta de feina! 

***NOVA NOTICIA***22/06/2017

Ofertes de feina!!

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 02/06/2017

1) Beques BritishSpanish Society 2017. Aplicació.

2) Es busca estudiant de pràctiques per a l'estiu al INFO PLACTON. Contacte 

Eli Bonfill i Aurora Requena

Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins SCP.
L'Ametlla de Mar (Terres de l'Ebre)
Web: www.plancton.cat
E-mail: info@plancton.cat

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 22/05/2017

L’empresa TECNOAMBIENTE, busca estudiants (geòlegs) realitzant o finalitzat el Màster d’Oceanografia per realitzar pràctiques en l’empresa. Incorporació inmediata. Interesats contactar amb Oriol VERES (oriol.veres@tecnoambiente.com)

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 10/05/2017

Oferta tesi doctoral al CEFREM!! 

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 05/05/2017

Seminaris sobre mètodes en ecologia marina!!!

***NOVA NOTICIA***18/04/2017

3ª edició del curs de Guies Subaquàtics del Parc Natural del Montgrí, illes Medes i Baix Ter. Obert a guies professionals i a estudiants amb titolació de busseig.

Limit inscripcions 22 abril.

***NOVA NOTICIA***07/04/2017

Oferta PhD !! Més informació aquí


***NOVA NOTICIA*** 21/03/2017

Diverses posicions ofertades pel Helmholtz-Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB) a la University of Oldenburg 

****NOVA NOTICIA*** 09/03/2017

Oferta PhD al Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Convocatòria beques d'investigació de l'IME 2017

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 02/03/2017

Avui xerrada a càrrec del Jorge Diogene de l'IRTA de Sant Carles de la Ràpita " Programas de seguimiento en zonas de producción de moluscos. Programas de vigilancia del medio para la protección del consumidor y la gestión y explotación de las zonas de producción" Aula c108 de Farmacia a les 16.30h

***NOVA NOTICIA***16/02/2017

The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting. Més informació

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 15/02/2017

AZTI&EEAcademy Summer School. Més informació.

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 13/02/2017

Oferta PhD a la University of Auckland

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 06/02/2017

Oferta ERASMUS a la Univesity of the Azores

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 31/01/2017

Nou curs! 73rd Multibeam Sonar Training Course Stockholm ! 

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 30/01/2017

Nova oferta PhD. Més informació al link

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 26/01/2017

POLENET/SERCE Glacial Seismology Training School- Apply by 31 January

***NOVA NOTICIA*** 23/01/2017

Oferta projecte OstreoRisk