The epidemic characteristics of diabetes, with secondary morbidity that has a considerable impact on health and economy, have created the need for a larger body of professionals specifically trained in the treatment of this disease.

The master's degree in Principles of Care and Education for Diabetes Sufferers provides expert, interdisciplinary training in diabetes. Graduates will be prepared to take on leading roles in the field of this chronic disease, which can occur at any age and requires highly complex treatment and control at all levels of care. The introduction of this master's degree is endorsed by the Sociedad Española de Diabetes (SED), the Associació Catalana de Diabetis (ACD), the Federación de Diabéticos Españoles (FEDE), the Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya (ADC) and the Diabetes Education Study Group (DESG). It responds to the need for expert professionals who can work as leaders or case managers in specialized adult or pediatric diabetic units, in social and health care centres or in primary health care.

This master's degree is aimed at holders of bachelor's degrees and equivalent undergraduate qualifications who work, or are interested in working, in the care and education of diabetic patients. A university degree, preferably in an area of health sciences, is required to enrol.

Since this master's degree follows a blended-learning modality, classes, assignments and exams are mainly developed online. Face-to-face activities are distributed as follows:

  • Two periods of four days, once per semester, which take place at the UB Faculty of Medicine.

  • A two-week placement period, between April and June, which can be validated if professional experience is accredited in a diabetes unit.

  • The presentation of the Master's Final Project, during the last week of June.
Basic data
  • Number of credits:  60
  • Mode of delivery:  Semipresencial
  • Specializations:  No
  • Bridging courses:  No
  • Places offered:  30
  • Language of instruction:  Spanish
  • Approximate price:  46,50 euros per credit ( 82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2018-2019
  • Qualification awarded:  Principles of Care and Education for Diabetes Sufferers
  • Faculty or school:  Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Coordination:  ENRIC ESMATJES MOMPO
  • Contact   
    Enric Esmatjes / Pilar Isla

    932 279 846