Career opportunities

The master's degree prepares students for a range of professional areas:

  • Research.
  • Philosophy teaching in secondary and university education.
  • Advanced training to other professionals in the education sector.
  • Advanced training to law professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers).
  • Political tasks within institutions or political parties.
  • Professions linked to culture and social work: assessors and cultural activity programming, publishing, intercultural communication or mediation, social work, street education, activities in NGOs.
  • Assessors and educators in bioethics and professional ethics in a variety of areas: health centres and educational institutions run by municipal and national authorities.

These career opportunities include new professions or specializations with a demand that will increase in the coming years, in Spain and around the world. In increasing numbers, many individuals are coming from Latin America to gain European higher education qualifications in disciplines related to the socio-political issues noted above as well as the issue of human rights.
Possible roles:
  • Member of ethics committee.
  • Political office and work within the public administration.
  • Researcher.
  • Educator.
  • Cultural manager.
  • Social manager.
  • Assessor (in areas addressed by the master's degree).