Compulsory final project

The final master's thesis (TFM) will consist of a research work on a topic related to the chosen specialty, directed by a master's teacher, who will follow up on the task carried out by the student and attend to their questions about the content and the form of work. The maximum length of the TFM should be 70 pages maximum, approximately 25,000 words. It will be evaluated by a commission formed by three teachers of the master.

Three printed copies must be sent, one to each member of the court, before Friday, September 10, 2020. The students must contact the members of their commission before that date, in order to deliver the works (the coordination of the master's degree does not collect works). The reading and public defense of the work will take place the last week of September, at the place and time that will be announced in due time. The TFM notes will be made public at the faculty counter 24 hours after all the papers have been evaluated.

It is important for students to remember that the defense of work must be requested, by means of the appropriate document, before March 30, 2020 signed by the tutor. No work that has not been previously registered will be accepted.


Credits: 10.

Duration: annual.

Date of delivery of the application: March 30, 2020.

Date of delivery of the TFM: September 10, 2020.


Formal indications for the elaboration of the TFM


Evaluation criteria

. Problem approach and methodological design

. Development of research and written exposition

. Conclusions, proposals and future lines of research

. Oral presentation and relevance of the answers to the questions raised by the evaluation committee

. bibliographic references

See also the TFM Teaching Plan


Commissions of evaluation of TFM setembre 2019 definitius CDH 2019.pdf

Regulation of the Master Final Treball of the Faculty of Philosophy:



Research calendar 2019-20:

December 2019: informative meeting for students where the general guidelines of the TFM will be given. The meeting will be given by Professor Iñigo González.


March 30, 2020: maximum date for submitting the enrollment document for the final master's work to the coordinator of the subject. The work registration document must be submitted to the office of 4.009 to the master's degree, who will send it to the coordinator. No work not registered will be accepted within the corresponding period.


June 28, 2020: Maximum date to deliver the finished work to the tutor so that he/she can make the last corrections.


September 4, 2020: Maximum date for personal delivery of printed work. Three copies of the work must be delivered directly to the professors members of the commissions (the evaluation committee assigned to each student will be communicated at the end of July). The work must be submitted together with written authorization from the tutor. You will also have to send a copy in PDF format to the master's email ( The coordination of the master's degree does not pick up any work.


Last week of September (dates to be determined): defense of work before the Commission in public session. The defense of work will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy. The work notes will be made public at the faculty counter the day after the last defense.