Curricular placements

MD0W0T Institutional or Company Placement (6 credits) All students must complete an external placement during the second semester, which should be related to their area of specialization. A range of host companies and institutions are made available through specific agreements with the UB. External placements are supervised by a teacher of the master's degree and a tutor at the institution where they are being completed.

  • Placements are offered in private companies and public institutions.
  • Contractual relationships with the host company are discouraged, although they may be approved by the academic tutor if proper justification is given. In the latter case, placements should be organized outside standard working hours.
  • Beforehand, an agreement must be signed with the company/institution.
  • The agreement must include a personal placement programme for each student.
  • Each student will have two tutors: one at the host company/institution and an academic tutor at the UB.
  • 6 credits: 150 hours.
  • Distribution: 120 hours of placement work + 20 hours of report preparation + 10 hours of tutorials.
  • Start and end of placements: from 9 February to 19 May (including the week 7-10 April). In total, 15 weeks.
  • 120 hours across 15 weeks = 8 hours/week. Possible options (negotiable with the company/institution):
    • Two working days (4 hours/day)
    • Weekends (4 hours/day or 8 hours on Saturday or Sunday)
    • Summer (5 weeks in July or August) = 24 hours per week


  • The tutor from the company/institution will issue an assessment report.
  • Students must submit a written report at the end of the placement.
  • The academic tutor grades the placement on the basis of the assessment report and the student's written report.

The academic tutor for placements will be Àngels Massip (