This professionally-focused master's degree offers a range of compulsory and optional subjects through which students acquire the training to create and manage innovative companies. It is a markedly cross-disciplinary programme that focuses primarily on the use of practical case studies and examples taken from the real world of innovative companies.

The general goal of the programme is to provide advanced training the creation of companies and the management of innovation. It aims to provide future entrepreneurs and managers of innovative companies with the skills they will need for success, to train qualified professionals for innovation management, and to give them the tools to launch innovative business initiatives. As such, students will acquire the skills and capacities to:
- Manage innovative projects and/or processes in any type of organization, develop new products or services, perform management roles in R&D or innovation departments, and participate in innovation programmes run by private organizations or government bodies.
- Implement business initiatives, pursue new projects and bring them to the market.
Twenty-five lecturers from different departments are involved in teaching the programme, through lectures, guided debates, projects, and presentations by the teaching staff and guest professionals.

Basic data
  • Number of credits:  60
  • Mode of delivery:  Presencial
  • Specializations:  No
  • Bridging courses:  Yes
  • Places offered:  40
  • Language of instruction:  Spanish: 87%, English: 13%
  • Approximate price:  57,00 euros per credit (92,00 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2017-2018.
  • Qualification awarded:  Creation and Management of Innovative Technology-Based Companies
  • Faculty or school:  Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Coordination:  CLAUDIO CRUZ CAZARES
  • Coordination Committee for the master's degree
  • Contact   
    Department of Economics and Business Organization. Faculty of Economics and Business
    934 029 040