Compulsory final project

The Master's Degree Final Project (TFM) is an end-of-course assignment in which students will demonstrate their research skill and their capacity to work independently. The Final Project, which cannot have been presented previously for any other master's degree at the UB or any other academic institution, will take the form of a research assignment. The TFM provides an opportunity to come into contact with research groups and projects in which the master's degree teaching staff are involved.

The TFM tutor will give the student guidance on any theoretical, methodological and bibliographical problems that arise, and on formal aspects of the project. The tutor shall review the project, which cannot be presented publicly without his/her authorization. The student must incorporate all of the tutor's corrections and observations.


The TFM should include the following sections:

  • Cover (name of the master's degree, project title, name of the author(s), name of the project tutor(s), academic year)
  • Contents
  • Summary or abstract
  • Introduction
  • State of the art
  • Methodology
  • Body of the work
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography


The Final Project should be between 150,000 and 200,000 characters approximately or 60 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12. However, the length may vary according to the project supervisor's criteria. The pages must be numbered.

Content organization

  1. The project shall begin with a summary or abstract of around 300 words, single-spaced and clearly separated from the main text.
  2. The main text should begin with an introduction that sets out the central ideas or arguments that will be explored, and the issues that will be discussed in the project.
  3. The main body of the project should examine these ideas and central issues in depth, and gather, select and critically assess the existing evidence.
  4. At the end of the project, the issues that have been covered should be summarized and the main conclusions stated.
  5. The project must have a clear, well-defined line of argument.


The project should not be submitted to the tutor until the spelling, grammar and syntax have been checked.

Citation guidelines

The MLA or APA citation guidelines should be followed in the Final Project:

The UB's general regulations on the Final Project can be consulted at:

The Faculty of Philology's regulations on the Final Project can be consulted at:

Students who are enrolled full-time can submit the Final Project in June (first session) or in September (second session). Students who are enrolled part-time can submit the Final Project in February of the following academic year (first session) or in June (second session).

The master's degree Coordinating Committee shall appoint examination panels for assessing the Final Projects and shall provide a document indicating the day, place and time of the evaluation sessions and the order of the students' presentations. Each examination panel shall be comprised of three PhD holders. The tutor cannot be a member of the panel.

Before the public presentation, the tutor shall send the examination panel's chairperson a short report on the Final Project, which will clearly state his/her authorization to publicly present the work.

The evaluation session shall consist of a presentation of the research results (approximately 20 minutes) before the examination panel at a public event. The examination panel can make any relevant comments and ask any questions that it considers necessary, which the student must answer.

The final grade will depend on the Final Project submitted by the student and on his/her presentation before the examination panel. The tutor's report shall also be taken into account.

At the close of the public session, each student shall be informed of their final grade.