Curricular placements

The Master internship (12 ECTS) allows students to familiarize with the different working environments related with Spanish as a foreign language. The student does an internship in a company directly linked with Spanish as a foreign language. The internship consists in exercising the profession under a supervisor from the company and the Master’s professor tutoring, who is responsible for the internship.

Once the first Master course has finished, meaning passing the compulsory and optional subjects of the curriculum, all the students are gathered in an informative session with the internship tutor professor. In this session, the students have to express their preferences as to which company they would like for their internship. The internship takes place during the third four-month and consists in exercising the profession under a supervisor from the company and the Master’s professor tutoring.

During the internship period there is a direct and continuous contact between the student, the company tutor and the Master’s professor monitoring. Once finished the internship period, the company tutor, who has been tracking the students' work, will have to fill in a report on the academic progress during the internship. Furthermore, the internship tutor has to tracks the abilities, skills and knowledge acquired by the student during the internship period.

Internship regulation approved in UB


According to the current legislation, the companies and institutions are allowed to collaborate with the university receiving internship students through an educative cooperative convention signed by the university and the companies. This collaboration involves the agreement of both parts on the curriculum contents and the formative project where all the practices features are specified: duration, timetable, tasks, competences, tutors, etc.

In the link there are all the agreements signed between Universitat de Barcelona and the companies and institutions that take in students.

The Philology Faculty, where the Master is merged, has currently cooperation agreements with different companies related with Spanish as a foreign language. These companies accept students for internships. Here is a detailed list of these companies for masters’ student internships.

  • Estudis Hispànics, affiliated center of Universitat de Barcelona responsible for the language and culture training for foreigner students.
  • Enforex, Spanish school
  • Servei Solidari, private foundation for the social inclusion that offers literacy, Spanish and Catalan courses for immigrant residents in Barcelona
  • Escola Oficial d’Idiomes of Jaume I University (Castelló)
  • Editorial Difusió, the main editorial intended to publish Spanish as a foreign language materials. It is located in Barcelona.
  • Ajuntament d’Alcalá de Xivert(Castelló).
  • Associació sociocultural La Formiga.
  • Spanish department of Amherst College (Massachusetts, United States of America)