Pre-enrolment calendar

18 February - 15 Setember 2019


  • Pre-enrolment fee: A pre-enrolment fee of 30,21 euros is charged. Students who apply to more than one master's degree must pay the fee for each pre-enrolment request. Pre-enrolment requests cannot be processed until this fee has been paid.Fees will only be refunded if the master's degree in question is suspended.
  • Reserved places: A maximum of 5% of the new places of the master's degree are reserved for students who meet the general and specific access requirements and accredit the recognition of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Closed Pre-enrolment

Required documentation

Selection criteria

The Coordination Committee takes into account the following criteria, weighted as indicated:

  • Bachelor's degree or pre-EHEA degree in Hispanic studies (40%).
  • Bachelor's degree or pre-EHEA degree in linguistics, Romance languages, English, modern language and literature, Arabic and Aramaic studies, French, literary studies, Catalan or classics (35%).
  • Bachelor's degree pre-EHEA degree in humanities or social sciences disciplines (30%).
  • For foreign students, fluency in Spanish (C1-C2) (20%).
  • Academic record and curriculum vitae (20%).
  • Language skills. A good level of English is essential (Level B2, CEFR); credit is also given for knowledge of other languages, both those traditionally studied in Spain, such as French, Italian and German (B1 level), and other languages, such as Chinese or Russian (level A2), from different parts of the world where interest in the study of Spanish has grown considerably in recent years (10%).
  • Other training, personal interests and motivation for studying the master's degree (5%).
  • Personal interview, if required by the Coordination Committee (5%).


The Master's Degree Committee studies applications from prospective students during the general pre-enrolment period for all university master's degrees at the UB’s Faculty of Philology.

The period for submission of pre-enrolment applications opens in February and closes on 15 September every year. The committee meets once per month to discuss the applications and supporting documentation received and issues its decisions on the 15th of each month.

Selected candidates for the master's degree are notified by email and by letter, issued by the Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff of the Faculty of Philology.


Closed Enrolment