Assessment system

According to "Regulations regulating the evaluation and qualification of learning" of UB, the continuous evaluation system, as a general rule, includes multiple evaluation activities.

The student can refuse the continuous evaluation and be evaluated with a one only exam (this type of evaluation is called unique evaluation). For invoking this type of evaluation the student has to do the request according to deadlines and procedures. If it is mentioned in the docent plan of the subject, the compulsory assistance to some activities can be mandatory.

There is only one evaluation call for each subject. Nevertheless, after the notification of the final results, a revaluation period begins for those students that have failed the exam or that want to improve their mark.

The evaluation system includes written projects or exercises, written and oral tests, simulations and instrumentation based on observation (control lists, estimation scales). The evaluation specific system of every subject can be found in its docent plan.

The information about the procedure for appealing or revising the qualification of one subject can be found here. (aquí)