Credit recognition

Credit recognition is the acceptance of credits earned for previous study on an official degree course and the computation of these credits for the purposes of obtaining a university master's degree from the UB. Credit recognition may also be granted for credits obtained in other types of degree courses and for duly accredited professional experience. The specific conditions applied to credit recognition are stated in the  Regulations on credit recognition and credit transfer for university master's degrees at the UB.

The credits corresponding to the Final Master Project will not be recognized in any case.

Previous learning or professional experience object of credit recognition:

  • Credits from official studies previously coursed, at the University of Barcelona or another university, count in new official studies, for the purpose of obtaining an official degree.
  • Credits earned in high education courses leading to other degrees covered by the article 34.1 of Ley 6 / 2001 de Universidades.
  • Professional experience, if directly related with competences of the degree pursued by the student.

The limit for credit recognition, based in other degrees and professional experience, cannot be higher, overall, to 15 % of the Curriculum of the degree pursued by the student.

A higher percentage than 15 %, up to the overall number of the Curriculum credits, could be only recognized if the UB-specific degree has been extinguished and substituted by the official degree, and this is recorded in the report of the official degree verified under the conditions established in articles 6.4 and 6.5 of the Real Decreto 861/2010.

Only the professional experience implying knowledge and aptitudes related with the level of the master will be accepted for credit recognition. Additionally, only optional subjects can be object of recognition from professional experience. The evaluation criteria of the professional experience shall take into account the performed tasks, the years of experience and the connection between the professional scope and the master competences.

The Master's Coordinator Committee will consider in any case the pertinence of credit recognition, and will propose the subjects of recognition.