Curricular placements

From the academic year (2016-2017) students have the option to do an internship stay (5 ects) in an institution or enterprise. Internships could become a bridge between the qualified training of the master and the professional world.


• Participate in professional teams and in specific projects that they are developing.

• Be familiar with the organization and the dynamics of the institution or enterprise in which the internship is done.

• Get work experience in prestigious institutions or enterprises that will enrich the curriculum of the student.

The relationship between the student and the institution or enterprise is strictly academic. Therefore, the internships are not paid.

Internships will be done during the academic year (1st semester) and in the enterprises and / or institutions with which the Master in Contemporary History and Today’s World has signed an agreement. In any case, students can choose in which enterprise or institution they want to do them within the aforementioned period.