Teaching staff


 E-mailresearch areas
Dr. Júlia Baronjuliabaron@ub.eduL2 pragmatics, Interaction and Production
Dr. María Luz Celayamluzcelaya@ub.eduCrosslinguistic influence, Written development in EFL, Interlanguage Pragmatics, Communication in EFL
Dr. Sara Feijoosfeijoo@ub.edu Bilingualism, Linguistic impairments, Cognition, Research methods, Child language, Role of input
Dr. Roger Gilabertrogergilabert@ub.eduTask design and task complexity, L2 Production and Development, Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity
Dr. Imma Miralpeiximiralpeix@ub.eduL2 vocabulary acquisition, Lexical knowledge assessment, Multilingualism
Dr. Joan Carles Moramora@ub.eduL2 speech processing, Cross-language speech perception and production, Cognitive skills and L2 phonological acquisition
Dr. Carme Muñozmunoz@ub.eduAge effects in SLA, Individual Differences in SLA, Early foreign language learning
Dr .Gemma Artiedagartieda@ub.eduL2 Aptitude, Individual Differences, Age
Dr. Raquel Serrano
raquelserrano@ub.eduEffects of learning context, Time distribution on L2 learning, Input modality
Dr. Elsa Traganttragant@ub.eduL2 learner motivation, Learning strategies, Research Methods
Dr. Francesc Xavier Vilafxvila@ub.eduEducational sociolinguistics, Language Policy and Language Management, Demolinguistics, Comparative Sociolinguistics

Unless otherwise specified, all offices are in the English Studies & Modern Languages and Literatures Department (Main Building - Edifici Històric, 2nd floor).
*'' Dr. Vila's office is in the Catalan Department (Aribau Building, 4th floor).