Compulsory final project

The Compulsory final project (TFM) is a research project or study, in which the student applies the knowledge, skills, abilities and skills acquired throughout the program. The TFM is mandatory for all the master students and it takes place usually in the second semester. But it is contemplated that may be made during the first semester for students who want to take the Master with a period exceeding one year.

The TFM will be held under the general rules of the UB which can be consulted on "General Regulations".

The corresponding regulations of the Faculty of Physics at the UB can be consulted in "Specific regulations".

The work is described in a written report and the corresponding regulations in this report, as well as calls for delivery periods are detailed in the virtual campus of the subject.

The minimum length of the memory of the work is 10 pages, and a maximum of 12, being an optional appendix 3 flat as indicated on the template. Will also include an index (with page numbering) and a bibliography following a standard format for the appointment of the documents (see example).

The memory of the work (three copies) must be delivered to the secretary of the department and a pdf copy to be sent to the virtual campus education. Delivery dates will be published also in the virtual campus.

TFM Evaluation Committee shall be appointed by the Coordinating Committee of the Masters, and will consist of two professors of the Master excluding supervisor, although the teacher will issue a progress report of the work that will be taken into account in the assessment as a 30% of the total.

The other part of the evaluation of a defense TFM consist of memory, oral and public, in front of the Evaluation Committee, followed by a discussion, also public, with the Commission. The presentation lasts approximately 15-20 minutes; Discussion time is 10 minutes. The defense of language can be Catalan, Spanish and English. The evaluation of the report by the Evaluation Committee represents 50% of the total, while defending 20%.

Enrolled students have access to all documents and to more detailed information in the Virtual Campus.

  • Wednesday, 31st of January, at 10am

Ariadna Corominas del Hoyo
"Estimation of the time constants for the temperature and relative humidity sensors used on the SUMO aircraft during the Hailuoto campaign "
Place: Seminari de la planta 7 de la Facultat de Física


  • Wednesday, 31st of January, at 10.45am

Joan Montoliu Llenas
"Inferring boundary layer time series from ceilometer data and its influence on air quality over Barcelona "
Place: Seminari de la planta 7 de la Facultat de Física