Curricular placements

Students have to carry out an internship at an institution, company or museum in order to be aware of the everyday reality and know their needs and daily work. This external training is valued both for its synthetic function in the student's training -using the knowledge adquired- and for its didactic training in developing a real and professional work.

The stay has a dual purpose in the program:
• To know how a museum/institution works, its structure and organization. Since the student has received a lot of knowledge about the history, functions and organization of the museum, as well as the diversity of museographic practices, the stay will be a deductive activity.
• Participation in some of the museum activities.


Planning of a proposal of stay
To carry out the stay at the museum, it is necessary that the student plans it carefully. It is important for them to make proposals depending on their preferences and possibilities, although the Master has some alternatives. It is necessary to take into account that the possibilities of stay are always limited, that is reason why it is especially interesting to choose some possible and different kind of centers to do the internship. They can be located in Catalonia, Spain or even abroad. In the last two cases, it is the student who has to look for them.
After determining a first preference, the student will contact the coordinator of the internship in order to speak about them. After this contact, the student should contact the person in charge of the museum or the contact person (supervisor) to plan his/her stay.
Students who are already working in a museum can choose between the institution where he/she works or another, with a recognition of the professional activity carried out there. In any case, they have to hand the report indicated below.
Once the internship has finished, the student will deliver the report, which is a mandatory element of evaluation of this second course. The report will be delivered to the internship coordinator when it will be required. Students who do not deliver any work cannot be evaluated positively.