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CLIMAST. Interdisciplinary training in climate sciences for master students  



Os informamos! del 4 al 8 de noviembre en la residencia de investigadores de ’Barcelonase organiza el curso de la  UIMP “Observando los polos: pasado, presente y futuro”, dirigido por Santiago Giralt Institut de Ciències de la Terra Jaume Almera (CSIC). Obertes les inscripcions 





The call for application for the MERCES summer school on “The first training course on marine restoration in the Mediterranean” is now open!


The training course will held in Tricase Porto (Lecce, Italy) next 2‐7 September 2019.

This course is dedicated mainly to a specialized audience: industry, academia, technical staff from territorial authorities etc.

Details, logistics and preliminary agenda are reported in the attached pdf.


Please pay attention to application and timeline: participants shall fill in Annex 1 (see the pdf) and submit it to Reef Check Italia onlus (postmaster@reefcheckitalia.it) not later than July 15 2019.

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PhD position in Benthic Ecology



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Estamos buscando un estudiante de doctorado para un proyecto con esponjas dentro del programa Max Planck IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology. Es una selección muy competitiva, pero el programa de doctorado es muy prestigioso y con buena financiación para los estudiantes. 

Los estudiantes interesados pueden contactarme directamente a lpita@geomar.de si quieren recibir más información. Fecha límite es 24 Marzohttps://www.evolbio.mpg.de/3289863/utehentschelproject 

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Oferta Tesis Doctoral: Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas


Fluctuations in North Atlantic Ocean circulation since the beginning of the last glacial cycle https://www.ulster.ac.uk/doctoralcollege/find-a-phd/342145

Funded PhD Opportunity - Fluctuations in North Atlantic Ocean circulation since the beginning of the last glacial cycle - ulster.ac.uk


Knowledge of past deep-ocean current speeds has the potential to inform our understanding of changes in the climate system on glacial-interglacial timescales as these may be used to help constrain changes in deep-ocean circulation rates and pathway. The Rockall Trough, a deep water basin offshore ...

Glacio-marine processes offshore the Celtic Sea: new insights into the evolution of the southernmost paleo-ice stream of the British-Irish Ice Sheet https://www.ulster.ac.uk/doctoralcollege/find-a-phd/345288

Funded PhD Opportunity - Glacio-marine processes offshore the Celtic Sea: new insights into the evolution of the southernmost paleo-ice stream of the British-Irish Ice Sheet. - ulster.ac.uk


The evolution of the northwest European continental margin was strongly affected by Pleistocene glaciations, particularly where ice sheets extended onto the continental shelf and transferred glaciogenic sediment onto the slope, contributing to the formation of…

Closing date for online applications: 18 February 2019

*Funding will be available for both national and international students based on merit and outcome of interview.



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“Historia de vida temprana e inversión reproductiva de invertebrados bentónicos: integración al manejo y conservación a través de modelos de dispersión” 

Dia: Viernes, 25 de Enero de 2019
Hora: 15:00 h
Lloc: Aula de Graus – Aulari, Facultat de Biología 


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Convocatória becas pedro i pons 2018

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Oferta PhD

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Ofrecimiento para pedir una beca FI

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PhD opportunity: Climatic refuges to investigate the resilience of corals to environmental change

Curso sobre la preparación de muestras geológicas y paleontológicas

PhD opportunity at Sorbonne Université- Submarine landslide processes in Alboran Sea

Ofertas de trabajo

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1. Biomarató - Ciutats amb vida

2. A 3-year PhD scholarship is offered to conduct research on carbon sequestration in coastal vegetated ecosystems.


Vegetated coastal ecosystems, including seagrass meadows, mangroves and tidal marshes, are collectively termed “blue carbon” ecosystems and rank among the world’s most intense carbon sinks storing globally-relevant carbon stocks in their soils. Despite the important ecosystems services they provide, Blue Carbon ecosystems are experiencing a worldwide decline (1.4% yr-1), raising concern over the potential for these soil C and N stocks to be re-emitted to the atmosphere as CO2 or organic N, fuelling climate change and eutrophication in coastal areas. The situation is more extreme when looking at seagrasses in isolation. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, seagrass meadows worldwide have declined at a rate of 1.5% yr-1 that has accelerated since 1990, mostly affected by direct and indirect human impacts. Notwithstanding the large variability in soil C stocks among seagrass meadows, global estimates of C storage in the top meter of seagrass soils range from 4.2 to 8.4 Pg C. While these global estimates have captured all the available information, research on sequestration rates of organic carbon, at various time scales, in seagrass ecosystems is scarce in the Tropical Indo-Pacific region, and basically non-existing in the African countries. This project aims toinvestigate the organic carbon and nitrogen sequestration capacity of seagrass meadows in Zanzibar, exploring the differences in habitat characteristics. The PhD project will be conducted with the frame of an existing collaboration between Prof Pere Masqué, Prof Paul Lavery and Dr. Òscar Serrano (Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia) and Prof Mats Björk (Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden).


If interested please contact Pere Masque at p.masque@ecu.edu.au 

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Red Sea Summer Program a la King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST: https://www.kaust.edu.sa/en)

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15 posiciones de PhD Inspire4Nature

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IOCCG  Summer Lecture Series 2018

PhD position available at Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

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1. XI Programa de Becas BritishSpanish SocietySolicitud

2. VI International Symposium of Marine Sciences