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Màster universitari: Direcció de Projectes de Conservació-Restauració Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat Belles Arts

Gemma Campo Francés

Oficina de Postgrado
Pau Gargallo 4
08028 Barcelona
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Imatge de diagramació

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General information

The master’s degree Direction of Conservation-Restoration Projects is intended to train future professionals in the field of heritage conservation and restoration. The structure of the master’s degree seeks to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience needed for them to become successful project managers in heritage conservation and restoration.

The Master is offered biennially (every two courses).

Is planned admission of new students for the 2014-15 year.

During 2015-16 only be offered the Practicum and Master Thesis.

The master’s degree is designed to give a specialization to degree holders who already have specific training in the field of heritage conservation and restoration.

The content of the master’s degree addresses project management focused on collections and heritage ensembles, strengthening the role of the conservationist and restorer as a professional who coordinates the multidisciplinary work of conservation and restoration, and providing the competences needed for interventions of this magnitude.

Specialization in the conservation of collections of different types (paint on canvas / wood / mural / elements of architectural goods / graph paper, etc.).

Project Management (budgeting, applications for grants, etc..)

Project Management of scientific analysis (laboratory practices of CCIT-UB)

-Ability to stay subsidized agreements for the realization of Practicum and / or TFM abroad.

 (You can view a summary of the Master by clicking on "SESSION" and at the presentation that is hanging)

Main university: University of Barcelona
Centre de gestió: Faculty of Fine Arts

Number of ECTS credits awarded: 60
Places available: 20
Language of instruction: Catalan, Spanish, English 


The master’s degree will admit new students every two years. As a result, face-to-face subjects will be offered in alternate academic years. However, the subjects Practicum and Final Project, which involve independent work under the supervision of a tutor, will be available in the first year of the master’s degree and in the two semesters of the second year, when no new students will be enrolled. In this way, students can complete the master’s degree in a single academic year, a year-and-a-half or two years, if they wish. 

Coordinator:  Gema Campo Francés
email adress: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

General and administrative nformation
Oficina de Postgrau
Facultat de Belles Arts
Pau Gargallo 4, 08028 Barcelona
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel. +34 934 034 048, fax. +34 934 034 056

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