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Māster universitari: Immunologia Avanįada (UB-UAB) Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat de Biologia

Dr. Jorge Lloberas

Av. Diagonal, 643
08028 Barcelona
Telèfon: +34 934 037 166
Imatge de diagramació

Pre-enrolment & Enrolment 2020-21 Print

Tuition fees: academic year 2019-2020 (updated on 07/2019)

Decree of tuition fees from Generalitat de Catalunya (GC), academic course 2019-2020
Agreement of the Social Council of the University of Barcelona related to the Master's price course 2019-2020

  • Official price: 65,87 euros/credit
  • UB Price: 46,5 euro/credit equivalent to a rate subsidies of 29,4% of the official price. This bonus applies to students: from European Union, from member countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, Andorra and China, and who can prove one year of residence in Spain, through the municipal register, in the moment of registration.
  • Price for students that do not comply the above requirements: 82 euros/credit

Other Taxes
- Validation study (foreign access qualifications): 218,15 euros
- Management of academic records: 69.80 euros
- The specific Service support training: 70 euros
- Student mandatoy insurance: 1,12 euros (for students over 28 years, the price of insurance is increased in 9 euros)

ANY OTHER ECONOMIC TOPIC (Scholarship, Re-enrolment subjects, Reduced tuition, etc.), REFER TO THE WEBSITE:


Dates, links and documents related to the processes of PRE-REGISTRATION, SELECTION, ADMISSION AND REGISTRATION

Academic Calendar 2019-2020, Immunobiotechonolgy & Research PROVISORY
Academic Calendar 2019-2020, Medical Immunology PROVISORY


First on-line pre-registration period: Links will be published in appropiate dates
Due to the deadlines and difficulties for obtaining visas and other academic processes, students who do not belong to the European Higher Education Area, will only be admitted for pre-registration in the FIRST PERIOD.

from 01/02/2020 until 16/06/2020

Resolution of accepted students from the 1st pre-registration period:
Accepted students
Waiting list
Applicants not accepted


First on-line Registration period: Links will be published in appropriate dates  follow one of these links:

from 15/07/2019
until 26/07/2019

Second on-line pre-registration period: Llinks will be published in appropriate dates

from 17/06/2019
until 03/09/2019

Resolution of students accepted from the 2nd pre-registration period:
Accepted students
Applicants not accepted


Second on-line Registration period: Links will be published in appropiate dates

from 17/09/2019
until 24/09/2019

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