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Facultat de Biologia

Dr. Jorge Lloberas

Av. Diagonal, 643
08028 Barcelona
Telèfon: +34 934 037 166
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Job offers Update (08/07/2019) Print

In this space will be posted those ads related with relevant PhD scholarship offers, post-doc positions, contracts, etc., related or possibly related to the area of Immunology. Keep in mind that the Master in Advanced Immunology website has a link associated with the grants of various agencies in addition to those announced in this section. (The date indicates when the ads have been posted on the website or when it completes the period of admission).

  1. 1 PhD position. CSIC-UPO-US, Sevilla. Autoimmunity and Diabetes (deadline 15/10/2018) Document
  2. Job Offer, Research Associate for a Pharmaceutical (Oxford, UK) (deadline: ASAP) Document
  3. Some different PhD positions (Institute for Immunology, Medical University Vienna) (deadline: 10/12/2018) Link offer
  4. 1 PhD position. U. of Sain Etienne, U. of Lyon (France). Microbiota and Immune response in HIV+(deadline: 15/04/2019). Documento
  5. Some PhD positions in Life Sciences. U. of Geneva (deadline: 23/04/2019) Documento
  6. 1 PhD position. Chagas Disease, ISGlobal, Barcelona (deadline: 05/04/2019) Documento
  7. Job offer for 5 months. Mitochondia & Apoptosis (IIBB-CSIC, Barcelona) (deadline 07/05/2019) Document
  8. Job offer, HIPRA labs. in Barcelona; Vaccines (deadline 26/06/2019) Document
  9. 1 PhD position. Vaccine vs tuberculosis.(CNRS, Toulouse, Francia)(deadline: ASAP) Documento
  10. 1 PhD position. Cancer and NK cells. (IMIM, Barcelona) (deadline: ASAP) Document
  11. 1 PhD position. Vaccines and Adjuvants (Naples, Italy) (deadline: 04/07/2019) Document
  12. 1 PhD position. Epigenetics and B-cell Lymphoma (Lyon, France) (deadline: 08/07/2019) Document
  13. 1 PhD position. 3D Chromatin Structure (IRB-CSIC-PCB, Barcelona) (deadline: ND) Document
  14. Job-PhD offer. Mucosal Vaccines (Janssen Vaccines, Leiden, Netherlands) (deadline: 15/07/2019) Link
  15. PostDoctoral job offer. RNA-vaccine HIV. (IDIBAPS, Barcelona) (deadline: 15/08/2019) Document
  16. 12 different PhD positions. Biomedical area (BRIC, U. Copenhagen, Denmark) (deadline:15/06/2019) Document
POSTDOCTORAL JOB OFFERS, link of the Catalan Society of Immunology SCI (updated 25/04/2019)
POSTDOCTORAL JOB OFFERS, link of the Spanish
Society of Immunology SEI (updated 17/05/2019)
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