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European Observatory of Emergent eLearning Practice

The concept of e-Learning and the implementation of e-Learning schemes can benefit from the research results generated under the scope of ICT-based innovation in education. The disperse nature of the results obtained via EU supported projects makes it difficult to transform results into research and policy orientation. The activity of DELPHI is an attempt to cluster, synthesize, analyze and thereafter disseminate ICT-based research findings of socio-economic value. Project results are to be drawn from the Programmes SOCRATES, IST and "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base". The central concerns of DELPHI are: learning/teaching issues; institutional perspectives to the introduction and scalability of innovation in learning contexts; and socio-cultural issues including those of lifelong learning. DELPHI, through its investigative activity aims at the setting of an Internet-based Observatory on e-Learning Innovation.

Coordination: Dr. Mario Barajas mbarajas@ub.edu

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