Our multidisciplinary team gathers professionals from different academic backgrounds, profiles and nationalities.

Mario Barajas Frutos
Mario Barajas FrutosCoordinator
He holds a PhD in Education (University of Barcelona) and Master’s Degree in Educational Technology (San Francisco State University, USA). He holds degrees in Engineering and in Philosophy, and previously taught Mathematics in secondary education. He teaches educational technologies at both graduate and post-graduate levels (Faculty of Education). He participates in different Research Committees, Journals and Conferences at an international level. He coordinates Future Learning.
Frédérique Frossard
Frédérique Frossard Senior researcher
She is a psychologist and holds a PhD in education (University of Barcelona). Her work mainly relates to technology-enhanced learning, with a focus on game-based learning and creativity. She has teaching experience at different educational levels, i.e. primary school, university, professional and adult training. In addition, she has been working in educational research for more than 10 years, collaborating in several EU projects (FP6, LLP). She is now involved in the ACCORD project (Erasmus +).
Silvia Alcaraz Dominguez
Silvia Alcaraz DominguezAssistant researcher
She has been working in educational research for more than five years, mainly in the framework of EU projects. She designs, implements and assesses professional development programmes for in-service teachers mediated by ICT. She is a PhD candidate in the programme «Education & Society», where she investigates the potential of IBSE & RRI to support teaching scientific competencies. She is an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Education, where she teaches technology for learning.
Sandra Martínez Pérez
Sandra Martínez PérezSenior researcher
She is a psychopedagogist. She has a PhD in education (University of Barcelona) and a Master’s Degree in «Intervention in Learning Disabilities» (University of Vic). She has teaching experience at different levels of university, professional training and teacher education. Her research focuses on educational technologies, inclusion, attention to diversity, competences and educational innovation. For more than 15 years, she collaborates in competitive local, national and international projects. She is now part of the L-Cloud project (Erasmus +).
Berta Barquero Farràs
Berta Barquero FarràsSenior researcher
She has a PhD in Mathematics (Autonomous University of Barcelona) focusing on the design of innovative teaching proposals to integrate mathematical modelling at different educational levels. She works in the section of Didactics of Mathematics (University of Barcelona), where she teaches innovation in primary and secondary schools. She participated in several projects on the use of technologies to support Math Education researchers and teachers communities. She is involved in the MC2 project.
Belén Garrido
Belén GarridoTeacher trainer
She started her professional career as a scientist: she got an engineering degree (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and a Master’s degree in Plant Science (University of California), where she worked as a researcher. Next she shifted her focus towards bilingual education: she got a Bilingual Emphasis Teaching Credential (California State University) and has over 20 years of experience in bilingual education. At present she works as a consultant, writer and translator of educational materials, and as teacher trainer for bilingual education programs.


Anna Trifonova

Educational consultant
(CreaTIC Nens, Barcelona).

Andrea Rossi

Educational consultant
(Education Ministry of Chile).

Jordi Domènech

Science secondary school teacher (Institut Vilanova del Vallès).

Álvaro Ocaña Prieto

Secondary school teacher
(Santíssima Trinitat school).

Gemma Sala Sebastià

Associate lecturer (Dept. of Didactics of Science and Mathematics, University of Barcelona).

José Luis Rodríguez Illera

Professor (Dept. of Theory and History of Education, University of Barcelona).

Jordi Quintana Albalat

(Dept. of Didactics, University of Barcelona).

Vincenç Font

Associated Professor (Dept. of Didactics of Science and Maths, University of Barcelona).

Joaquim Giménez Rodríguez

Professor (Dept. of Didactics of Science and Mathematics, University of Barcelona).