Project Description


Duration: 2010-11 (2 years)
Program: Lifelong Learning Programme, KA3, Information and Communication Technologies
Coordinator: University of Barcelona (Spain)
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Project description

ProActive – Fostering teachers’ creativity through game-based learning – developed learning contexts where teachers from different educational levels (schools, higher education, professional and adult training) and sectors could apply their creativity while designing game-based learning scenarios. Within training workshops, teachers from 18 pilot sites in four countries used two game editors (EUTOPIA and eAdventure) to design their learning games. ProActive proposed and validated a conceptual framework for integrating different learning metaphors through the implementation of new ICT-based tools (2D and 3D virtual environments) and an innovative methodology (game-based learning). The project validated the proposed approach as a means of learning and evaluated its impact on teachers’ creativity and students’ outcomes.

 Outcomes of interest

– A handbook for Production of Creative GBL Scenarios See material
– Guidelines for Creative GBL Practices See material
– An online repository of GBL scenarios See material