Project Description


Duration: 2009-10 (2 years)
Program: Lifelong Learning Programme, Key Action 1: Studies and Comparative Research
Coordinator: FORTH-IACM (Greece)
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Project description

SESTEM – Supporting Equality in Science Technology and Mathematics related choices of careers – is built on the premise that the study of the uptake of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) studies by girls and their retention in the field can benefit from investigation into the triangulation of family-individual and school (secondary and tertiary) factors. Under this scope, the project aimed to conduct four interrelated comparative studies engaging students, pupils, parents and teachers (both secondary and tertiary levels). Both qualitative (in depth interviews, conceptual mapping, tandem based dialoguing and review into existing literature) and quantitative (collection and analysis of data from the Member States using on-line surveys and meta-analyses of existing statistical data) methods were applied.