Area / Task Research on Education and Training
Contract Number ERBSOE2CT962009
Title Designing and Evaluating Learning Innovations and Learning Applications
Clusters Education to work Innovation in Education and Training via technology
Keywords policy proposals, education, diffusion, ICTs, social exclusion, training, tools, open & distance learning, ODL, access to education & training, organizational context, transferability of innovations, action research
Description To review and synthesise 1) existing research on major cross-cultural, socio-economic and pedagogic factors in education and learning, including new learning arrangements involving learning technologies, and 2) major national policies on education and training, with a view to (a) identify theoretical and empirical gaps in current understanding and (b) establish the consonance or match between major educational and learning innovations and the different learning patrimonies or traditions as defined by the aforementioned factors. To critically assess, in a transnational and cross-sectoral fashion, the contribution of different institutional and organisational arrangements to education and learning, in relation to exploring ways of improving learning and widening access to learning opportunities, including access for less favoured and excluded groups. To develop methodologies and guidelines for the evaluation of new educational and learning arrangements and process. To contribute to the development of appropriate policies in the area of education and learning by firstly identifying ways in which policies can facilitate the contribution of new educational and learning arrangements in accordance with the different learning patrimonies, and secondly promoting transfer and the exchange of results across the study areas. Methodology DELILAH is based on a broad range of methodologies. It encompasses case studies methodology, action-oriented research and evaluation methodology, the latter involving assessment and formative evaluation. Methodology includes (1) desk research; (2) focused case studies, with intensive ethnographies involving observation and interviews; (3) assessment and evaluation; and (4) action-oriented research, with observation and focus groups methodology.
Coordinator Dr. Joseph CULLEN
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Evaluation Development and Review Unit
London EC2A 4UE
Great Britain
Tel. +44- 171 417 0407
Fax. +44- 171 417 0567

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