NETLogo - The European Educational Interactive Site
Learning through problem-solving with online Logo-like educational environments
The main scope of the NETLogo project is the establishment and operation of a European online reference point for the use of open-ended educational environments. The specific aim is the exploitations of the pedagogical value of these environments in the primary and secondary European schools by making available through the World Wide Web a number of innovative Logo-like tools, products and services.

NETLogo objectives
Recent developments in the field of information and communication technologies have had a significant effect on European education. The EU Member States have agreed that ICT advances can contribute considerably, mainly as cross-cultural tools in the learning process, enhancing teaching capabilities, such as creativity, problem-solving and student collaboration.
The NETLogo project is expected to contribute to this development by addressing directly the needs for communication and collaborative work, providing a website and a platform with the necessary added-value tools in which users and developers of primary and secondary educational material (teachers and students) can communicate remotely. Through project-oriented work they can exchange ideas, knowledge, courses and interact creatively in a competitive and exploratory learning scheme.
The key objectives of the NETLogo project are:
1. to provide online educational software of an exploratory nature that allows end-users (mainly teachers and students of European schools) to conduct their own experiments, communicate over the network and exchange information about open-ended educational environments, and
2. to encourage the use of open-ended environments in European education and facilitate the promotion of existing, innovative Logo and Logo-like educational software and services of European added value. This will feed existing school communities that have already built a technological infrastracture and developed the use of technology with valuable and powerful materials.
The project is seeking to develop and validate methodologies as well as viable operational models that encourage teachers' participation in collaborative working schemes in "Cyberspace". This involves developing good practice in the contribution of educators to the production of educational resources developed in a distributed environment and in incorporating the use of the WWW in the everyday learning/teaching in European schools.
NETLogo is also evaluating the new teaching and learning processes that emerge from the online use of open-ended exploratory educational software and related materials by testing it in school life, developing methods of intervention at different levels within the educational systems, infusing innovation while creating "success stories".

Exploring NETLogo markets
The project will also conduct an investigation into the potential market for NETLogo products and services inside and outside the European Union, including Eastern Europe and USA. The project will elaborate a complete technology implementation plan, taking into consideration existing Logo tools and the current and future development of information and communication technologies. Finally, the project aims to produce a business plan for the further investments needed and the potential incomes from the full development of the NETLogo network activities.
At the end of the project the results expected include the set-up and operation of the NETLogo server which will provide a unified Web-based interface for access to the supporting tools and applications implementing the basic and the added-value services of NETLogo, with user documentation and a full report on the technical and functional specifications of the server and its online services.
The project will provide a report on market analysis covering areas such as the identification of the potential user groups, the description of suitable distribution channels and the market segmentation, and a technology implementation and business plan for the full development, deployment and operation of the NETLogo network.
Another key product is a complete course for teachers on the use of Logo covering general aspects of computing and connectivity, the basic Logo programming language and its extensions, and the methodological and pedagogical issues on using Logo during classroom activities. The final release of the course and its documentation will also be produced as a CD-ROM.

Title NETLogo - The European Educational Interactive Site
Keywords Logo, open-ended environments, constructivism, WWW, teacher training
Description An interactive website for European Logo Educational Tools and Services
A suite of Logo-based resources. School teachers and pupils. Logo, Internet, online courses
Coordinator Dr Demetrios Sampson
Doukas School - Palladium Lyceum
151 Mesogeion Str.
GR-15125 Maroussi Athens
+30 1 61 25 880
+30 1 61 25 882

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