Area / Task Research on Education and Training
Contract Number ERBSOE2CT972020
Title Science Teacher Training in An Information Society
Clusters Innovation in Education and Training via technology
Keywords policy proposals, education, ICTs, training, science, teachers, teacher training, secondary schools, teaching methods, science teachers, information transformation by users, context independent, innovation in schools, symbolic languages, training materials
Description Having in mind a society where a large amount of information comes to each citizen easily and quickly, two issues are specially relevant: a) The need of mastery of technological tools and of interpreting many messages cannot be easily accomplished for many learners. Basic scientific education is a privileged context to achieve this goal and consequently the need to prepare adequately future science teachers is of high priority . b) The great amount of information received has to be well managed for each citizen. As information is selected, prioritised, interpreted and decisions based on it are taken, the act of understanding is always transformative. The process of transformation of information by users is still poorly known but thousands of decisions are taken with the interpreted information as well students learning according to their interpretation of messages. STTIS project wishes to investigate the process of transformation in a very specific field-science education- since it is possible to go deeper and better gain knowledge when reducing variables. Brief Description of the research project The methodology of STTIS to use will be qualitative. The transformations of the intentions of designers of educational innovations are a crucial point. Science teachers at secondary school will be investigated during the implementation of three processes of innovation: process of implementing the use of several technological tools process of adapting to students' interpretations of different symbolic language process of implementing new teaching strategies proposed in specific subject matters. Some rules of transformation of innovation will be inferred from results of small scale intensive studies. The rules will emerge having removed the context dependency as a variable. The main envisaged tasks are: Analysis of teachers' difficulties in: implementation of innovative teaching strategies; use of symbolic languages; use of Information Technology tools. Diagnosis and synthesis of difficulties in assuming innovation into school practice. Construction of strategies and materials for training programs for teacher trainers. Elaboration of guidelines for policy makers and teacher training agencies The main practical products will be materials for teacher training in innovative educational strategies when using common information society tools (technological tools using computers or symbolic representations). The theoretical products will be, at a conceptual level an inventory of the main problems of adaptation between innovations and teachers and, as an outcome, recommendations and guidelines for policy makers and teachers training.
Coordinator Dr. Roser PINTO
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Departamento de Didactica de las Ciencias Experimentales
Tel. +34-93-581-3206
Fax. +34-93-581-1169

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