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GBL competition

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ProActive has organized a competition for rewarding the best game-based learning (GBL) scenarios. The aim of the competition was to encourage creativity of educators working in Lifelong Learning sub-programs. The winners will have the chance to participate in the final ProActive conference (GACET’11 - Game and Creativity in Education and Training) which will be held in Rome on November 17-18, 2011. The reward includes travel, stays and entrance to the conference.

The jury is composed of members of the ProActive consortium who evaluate the creativity of the game created and the educational scenario it is embedded in. Each partner of the project decides on the winners within the pilot sites it is responsible for.

The following criteria are considered: Among all participants, the jury has chosen winners according to the following criteria:

› Learning aspects: Does the scenario answer to a clear learning objective? Is the game adapted to the specific students’ profile? Is it likely that the scenario will result in good learning?

› Gaming aspects: Does the game engage the player? Are the game’s rules clear and consistent throughout the whole game? Is the challenge in the game appropriate? Does the game provide entertainment to the user?

› Technical aspects: Is the game easy to use? How appropriate are the graphics for the target group? Can the game be used in different contexts without the need of complex modifications?

The results of the teacher competitions were released: ProActive has decided on the most creative GBL scenarios. Congratulations to all designers!

Results are available at this link.


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