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An article on ProActive has been presented to the EDEN Open Classroom Conference, titled "Never Waste a Crisis! –Inclusive Excellence, Innovative Technologies and Transformed Schools as Autonomous Learning Organisations".
The conference was held from the 27th to the 29th of October 2011 in Athens. It aimed to bring together individuals and teams from a wide range of technology and education fields to look into the future of education and to share their visions as to what the learning experiences and educational technologies could be like and how could be implemented in the daily school practice.

The article, presented by the University of Barcelona, describes the first results of ProActive implementation in Spanish primary and secondary schools. It is entitled:
Barajas, M., Frossard, F., Trifonova, A. Teachers as Game Designers: Enhancing Innovation and Creativity in the Classroom

The article was published in the Proceedings and presented within the session "Teachers as Leaders of Change".
The slides of the presentation are available at

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