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Welcome to the SEEKS Portal!

The Objective of the project SEEKS is the production of a transnationally validated taxonomy of ICT-related information-seeking behaviour (ISB) among learners in formal and informal distributed learning environments, a census mapping the transnational distribution of these behaviours and two sets of guidelines aimed at ODL system developers and tutors. The proposal is orientated to the Minerva goal of "Understanding Innovation" and also contributes to the goal of "Designing, developing and testing new methods and educational resources. The target group of users of the outputs encompasses Course Developers, Teachers, Pedagogues, Information Scientists, Educational Psychologists, Market Researchers, Internet Providers, and Software Developers. The beneficiary target group would be learners in ODL and ICT contexts, with effects on skills in e-business, e-governance and wider e-learning contexts. The activities consist of the investigation of information-seeking behaviour in formal and informal ODL contexts, development of a taxonomy of ISBs, mapping of observed behaviours against a wide range of characteristics and production and validation of the guidelines. The outputs are: State-of-the-Art Review, Transnationally validated Taxonomy of ISBs, Transnational Mapping of the Distribution of ISBs, Guidelines for ODL system developers to facilitate optimum accommodation of ISBs, Guidelines for ODL tutors to facilitate optimal use of ISBs of students.

Project funded by the prohramme SOCRATES-MINERVA (90039-CP-1-2001-1UK-MINERVA-M)


> December 2003. The Project SEEKS comes to an end. Visit the where you will find full information on the project, as well as the public deliverables.
November 2003. SEEKS publish the "Guidelines for instructors on Information Seeking Strategies" in several languages. Fort he Spanish version of this document visit
> June 2, 2003. The
Spanish MINERVA Office and the Ministry of Education organised a
Workshop in Madrid with the Spanish project coordinators, associated
partners, and researchers interested in the Programme. SEEKS was invited
to make a presentation of the project and results.

> Report on initial taxonomy on Information Seeking Behaviours:
see deliverable in Public Documents

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