High Andean Rivers

Website dedicated to the research carried out in high altitude rivers of the Andes mountains since 2006: www.ub.edu/riosandes

These results are the result of the projects "Ecological Quality of the High Andean Rivers" (CERA), "Functionalities and Ecological Quality of the High Andean Rivers" (Fúcares) and "Genetic and morphological biodiversity of the Chironomids of the High Andean rivers: Influence of the latitude and altitude "(BiQuRA).

logoTRiversLIFE - TRivers: Implementing the Water Framework Directive to temporary rivers: tools for the assessment of their ecological status. 

Website of the European project LIFE-TRivers, about ecology and management of temporary rivers: www.LifeTRivers.eu.

qualEcoBCNEcological Quality of the Rivers of the Province of Barcelona

Website of "The Ecological Quality of the Rivers of the Province of Barcelona"; a study program that collects the data on the ecological status of the five rivers of the province of Barcelona, Llobregat, Besòs, Foix, Ter and Tordera and the coastal streams of the Maresme region: www.ub.edu/barcelonarius.

These studies are currently part of the CARIMED project (Effects of Environmental Change in the communities of the RIUS MEDiterranis).

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