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  Maria Grau  

Maria Grau Perejoan is a lecturer of literatures in English at the Universitat de Barcelona. She holds an MPhil in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago, where she also worked as a Visiting Lecturer in Spanish. She recently finished her PhD with a thesis titled “Reterritorialising the Caribbean: Marching alongside Earl Lovelace”. Her research interests cover West Indian Literature and Literary Translation.


She is part of the project POCRIF (Postcolonial Crime Fiction: a global window into social realities), a Ministerio de Economía y Competividad financed research project on postcolonial crime fiction. She is also part of the Executive Committee of the Australian Studies Centre based at the Universitat of Barcelona.

Recent publications include “‘The grass that they cut and trample and dig out and sprout roots again’: The Spiritual Baptist Church in Earl Lovelace’s The Wine of Astonishment” in Coolabah, 2014; “West Indian Translators who Do Not ‘Translate as Well’: The Case of Trinidadian Writer Earl Lovelace” in Tusaaji: A Translation Review, 2014; and “Mar” a translation into Spanish of Jennifer Rahim’s short-story “Sea” in Revolución y Cultura, 2015.










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