Joan Carles Mora



  JC Mora  

I am a lecturer and researcher in the department of English in the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain, and currently coordinating the PhD in Applied Linguistics at UB. My research has examined the role of contextual and individual factors in the development of L2 speech and oral fluency, and the acquisition of L2 phonology. I am a member of the GRAL research group currently investigating the effects of age, input and aptitude on the acquisition of English as a foreign language. I also coordinate the L2 Speech Research Group, a group of researchers investigating the acquisition of second language (L2) speech in all of its perceptual and productive dimensions. We meet regularly once every 5-6 weeks to discuss research in the acquisition of L2 speech. You can access our webpage HERE.


My current research interests focus on the role of input in bilingual phonological acquisition and the effect of individual differences in cognitive ability on L2 speech learning. My interests also include phonetic training methods, the teaching of English pronunciation to Spanish/Catalan learners of English, and the development of L2 phonological awareness in SLA.