Martin Renes




Cornelis M. Renes is an expatriate Dutchman who has lived in Barcelona since 1987 working in the field of language teaching and translation. He holds a PhD in English by the University of Barcelona (2010, First-Class Honours) and has been a member of the UB’s English studies staff since 2001, and as a Senior Lecturer since 2017. His main area of interest is the study of film and fiction from the settler nations South Africa, New Zealand and especially Australia, employing a critical postcolonial point of view within the larger framework of Cultural Studies. He has enjoyed yearly fellowships at Southern Cross University (SCU), Australia from 2011 to 2019,  following up on his PhD research on Indigenous-Australian fiction, which deals with the writing of Alexis Wright and Kim Scott, among others. He is particularly interested in the rewriting of European paradigms of knowledge through the encounter with the Indigenous Other.

He is the co-director of the University of Barcelona’s interdisciplinary Observatory: Australian and Transnational Studies Centre (CEAT), and co-edits the Centre’s online journal Coolabah and e-books, and has co-convened conferences and seminars on Australian Studies in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Social Justice (SCU, Australia), The Centre for Human Rights Education (Curtin U, Australia) and The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath (U of Tasmania, Austarlia)—see  for links. He was on the executive board of the European Australian Studies Association (EASA) for six years, four of which as Chair, and a member of the organizing committee of the IAFOR back-to-back annual conference cycle in Barcelona on arts, media, culture and education, hosted by the CEAT. He has formed part of Spanish ministry-funded research projects on postcolonial crime fiction (UB) and on the transmodern paradigm in contemporary fiction (UZAR).

His latest publications are:
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