Rosanna Rion



  Rosanna Rion  

Rosanna Rion is an adjunct lecturer in the English Department at the University of Barcelona. She teaches translation and has published translations of 18th century plays (Sheridan, Goldoni) from English and Italian into Catalan and also of contemporary plays (Christopher Hampton, Janusz Glowacki). She studied English Philology at Barcelona University and completed her PhD on humanities at the University Pompeu Fabra (2016); her thesis was on T.S. Eliot and prophetic aesthetics.


She is a member of DIGHECS interdisciplinary team in didactics at the University of Barcelona and she researches on translation and on intangible heritage. She was at Oxford University for a research stay of three months

(2014) as academic visitor studying avant-garde poetry to translate into Spanish and Catalan. She has also been a member of DIDPATRI team (UB) and has collaborated with Vic University in the study of translation for dubbing. She was given an Erasmus Plus grant (2015) for internationalization of tuition to teach in Paris Ouest University in a Master for translation. She was granted credentials as tenure-track 1 lectures in May 2012.


Recent publications include: ”Política i estètica de l'autotraducció a l'obra de Francesc Serés” in L’autotraducction aux frontieres de la langue et de la culture. (France): Lambert-Lucas, 2013, “Patrimonio inmaterial: el paisaje”. Revista Íber.. 75, (Spain): 2013, and “T.S. Eliot's ekphrastic poems”, Advances in Literary Study, 2014.


She is a member of the European Society for Translation Studies.