Sara Feijoo



  Bill Phillips  

Sara Feijoo is a full-time lecturer in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the English and German Studies Department at the University of Barcelona. She teaches several undergraduate courses in Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, English Descriptive Grammar and Semantics. At the Master’s level she also teaches courses on Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Language Assessment and Methodology for L2 Classroom Research. She has published widely on first and second language acquisition, particularly in the role of input in child language development.


 She is a member of the GRAL (Research Group on Language Acquisition), a research group which was consolidated by the University of Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya. She has been involved in several research projects funded by the Spanish Government. The most recent one deals with the benefits of subtitled and captioned audiovisual materials in foreign language learning.


Recent publications on child language development or foreign language learning include “Morphosyntactic cues to noun categorization in English child-directed speech”, Language and Communication, 2015; “The availability of cues for word segmentation and vocabulary acquisition in Catalan child-directed speech”, Revista de Lingüística Teórica y Aplicada, 2013; “Using online databases in the linguistics classroom: dealing with clause patterns”, Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2012