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The term 'centre' refers to any single UB faculty or school, and the 'Administration of the Centre' is the basic management mechanism comprising the different offices and units that deal with matters relating to students, teaching and research staff (TRS), and administrative and services staff (AdSS).

A number of different people contribute to the operation of any single UB centre: the centre administrator, who is responsible for running the centre and is delegated by the General Manager of the University of Barcelona; logistics officers, who take charge of the Faculty's general maintenance and of its cleaning and security services, as well as providing logistic support for the use of rooms and spaces; and administrative support personnel.

Centre Administrator
Ana María Juárez Chamorro
Tel. 93 4021109
Fax 93 403 57 27
General Affairs Office
Classroom rental
Faculty Information Desks (in Catalan)


Faculty of Physics
Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff
Department of Engineering: Section of electronics
Department of Quantum Physics
Department of Condensed Matter Physics
Department of Applied Physics
Faculty of Chemistry
Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff
Department of Materials Science and Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry
Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
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