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  The Faculty

Governing bodies and Academic councils

Governing bodies

marcador Dean

marcador Faculty board (in Catalan)

marcador Delegate Committees (in Catalan)

Academic councils

The Faculty of Physics offers two disciplines:  Physics and Electronic Engineering.  Their respective directors of studies are:    

  • Dr. Adolf Canillas Biosca (Physics)

  • Dr. Oscar Ruiz Sánchez (Electronic Engineering)

The directors of studies, who are chosen by their respective Academic Councils from among Council members, serve three-year terms.

Each discipline in the Faculty has an Academic Council formed by representatives of the teaching staff conducting classes in the discipline and by representatives of the students enrolled in the discipline. 

An equal number of faculty and student representatives sit on the Council, which selects the director of studies and the secretary from among its members.  The responsibilities of the Academic Council include:  

  • Ensuring that the subjects offered in each discipline are coherent and interconnected within the overall curriculum.  
  • Appointing tutors to provide students advice and supervision of their curricula.   

  • Organizing courses.

  • Taking responsibility for monitoring teaching effectiveness.

The Faculty of Physics has two academic councils, one for each discipline: 

marcador Academic Council for Physics

marcador Academic Council for Electronic Engineering

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