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The origins of the Faculty of Physics date back to the year 1900 when the Section of Physics was created as a part of the Faculty of Sciences. However, the first doctorate in Physical Sciences by the UB was not granted until 1954, before which PhDs in this subject had to be undertaken in Madrid.

In 1969, the Faculty of Physics held the first class in the Diagonal building. Due to the split of the Faculty of Sciences in 1974, the UB created the present-day Faculty of Physics. In 1992, teaching of the second cycle of Electronic Engineering began. The recent expansion of the Physics and Chemistry building, started at the beginning of 2006, finally gave the Faculty of Physics spaces of its own that met its needs.

Our most popular course has always been the bachelor’s degree in Physics, a core science and the motor behind the majority of scientific and technological advances. As stated as a slogan in the Year of Physics 2005, “Physics is the basis of everything”. The Faculty also offers a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunication, the possibility of graduating jointly in physics and maths, and a range of master’s degrees. Our staff also participate in the teaching of other official degrees managed by different faculties and university schools at the UB or at other universities.

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Physics dedicate an important part of their efforts to basic or applied research and participate in regional, national and international research projects. Therefore, a defining characteristic of the Faculty is the quantity and quality of its research, as attested to by the numerous individual and collective prizes awarded to the staff. Although a relatively small faculty of the UB, the Faculty of Physics is top ranking in the University in terms of scientific output (articles, patents, etc.) and research income (project funding), which makes us one of leading faculties of the UB for quality scientific research.

Dr Atilà Herms
Dean of the Faculty of Physics


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Access from Diagonal Av.

Solar Atrium



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