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Session B3 - Symbolic Analysis

July 13, 17:00 ~ 17:25 - Room B2

Multispace and variational methods

Elizabeth Mansfield

University of Kent, UK   -

Recently with Gloria Mari Beffa, a multi-dimensional version of multispace was constructed. This incorporates Lagrange and Hermite interpolations of functions but has the standard jet bundle embedded as a smooth submanifold. The construction allows for functional approximations and their smooth continuum limits to be studied simultaneously. Applications include invariants of Lie group actions via a moving frame on multispace, smooth and discrete integrable systems, and smooth and discrete variational calculus including Noether's theorem. Further, there is a multispace version of the preserved symplectic form for a variational system, allowing smooth and discrete Hamiltonian versions of Euler Lagrange equations to be studied simultaneously. The talk will include joint work with Gloria Mari Beffa and Peter Hydon, and perhaps others, depending on the particular application of the multispace variational calculus developed by the time of the conference.

Joint work with Gloria Mari Beffa (UW, Madison) and Peter Hydon (University of Kent).

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