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Session B3 - Symbolic Analysis

July 13, 18:00 ~ 18:25 - Room B2

Computing the differential Galois group using reduced forms

Thomas Dreyfus

University Lyon 1, France   -

To a linear differential system one may associate a group, the differential Galois group, that measures the algebraic relations between the solutions of the system. The latter may be seen as an algebraic group and its computation is in general a difficult task. In this talk we explain how to transform the system so that the new system belong to the Lie algebra of the differential Galois group (such transformation always exists and the new system will be said to be on the Kolchin-Kovacic reduced form). Furthermore, as we will see, the latter reduction will be helpful for computing the differential Galois group.

Joint work with Jacques-Arthur Weil (University of Limoges, France).

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