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Session A2 - Computational Algebraic Geometry

July 10, 17:30 ~ 17:55

Universal Groebner bases and Cartwright-Sturmfels ideals

Elisa Gorla

University of Neuchatel, Switzerland   -

I will introduce a family of multigraded ideals named after Cartwright and Sturmfels, and defined in terms of properties of the multigraded generic initial ideals. By definition, a multigraded ideal I is Cartwright-Sturmfels if it has a radical multigraded generic initial ideal. Our main technical result asserts that the family of Cartwright-Sturmfels ideals is closed under several natural operations, including multigraded linear sections and multigraded eliminations. Connection to universal Groebner bases for different families of ideals will be discussed.

Joint work with Aldo Conca (University of Genoa, Italy) and Emanuela De Negri (University of Genoa, Italy).

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